With evidence comes great growth in impact investing

By Daniel Forrester, CEO

Conversations at THRUUE often revolve around growth and innovation challenges, and our frequent discussions of the growing impact investment space are no exception. Social organizations often struggle to realize their potential effectiveness and grow to scale because they have limited resources, but impact investing—as it grows in popularity—presents a potential solution to this problem.

Huffington Post blogger Ben Thornley recently wrote an excellent piece exploring the growing impact investing space. His blog “Step One in Growing Impact Investing: Prove Social Enterprise Works” details a recent study proving the financial returns and societal benefits of seven California-based social enterprises. It considers how proof of impact attracts investors and unlocks capital markets for social enterprise.

So what will it take for impact investments to truly take off? Evidence. When organizations can prove they make a social difference and provide financial returns, venture philanthropists will be eager to invest.

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