Celebrating the Fourth Year of THRUUE

By Daniel Forrester, CEO

While articles have been written and reliable frameworks created, there is no true blueprint for creating a company, building a brand, or attracting great people to join in a mission. Randomness has as much impact on an organization as does its stated goals or a clearly defined vision.

This month marks the 4th anniversary of THRUUE. It amazes us how fast the time has passed and how much we have learned. We are filled with gratitude for these past four years and humbled by how much our clients allow us to be a part of their futures. As one member of our team often says: we are thinking partners for our clients and one another. It has truly been an honor to partner with so many intelligent people in different business contexts these past four years.

In taking time to reflect on these past four years, we are also looking forward to the next four (and beyond). We are now conducting our first national primary research project, which we will release in the fall. We are imagining new products that complement our existing services and will help more organizations live successfully in the intersection of strategy and culture. Bright new people continue to join our growing team as we seek to delight our clients. Through it all, we continue to have incredible opportunities for massive impact in markets where millions of people are seeking clarity and inspiration.

As THRUUE moves into our fifth year, we are filled with optimism and renewed energy. To all who have cheered for us, taught us, thought with us, encouraged us, hired us, and endorsed us, we offer sincere gratitude. We will continue to make you proud.

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