The THRUUE Study Group: Commitment to Collective and Continuous Learning

By Daniel Forrester, CEO

Information and content leaps at us from every direction. This presents a tremendous opportunity, as it makes available the latest thinking from across the world, but it also creates a challenge, as we have to work harder to filter out excess noise from critical insights.

Last week, we launched the THRUUE Study Group so we could collaborate to make sense of the information flying at us each day. We knew it would be impossible to individually digest all the content we might need to know or want to discover. The Study Group allows our entire team—from CEO to Associates—to collectively pause, absorb, reflect, and integrate information from relevant articles, books, seminars, podcasts, and more into our service offerings and client work. We produce digestible summaries of the content we’ve encountered as individuals so we can capture a greater breadth of information together. We then discuss our findings and determine together the critical insights it provides into our client work.

In our first Study Group call, we discussed growth and innovation and came to a greater understanding of what we call the variables of growth. That is, we recognize that growth can never be assigned a uniform methodology or monolithic definition. Growth will always be tied to the purpose and intention of the organization that chooses and seeks to grow. We discussed striking a balance between risk-aversion and the boldness that underlies our approach to scaling. For some aspirations, growth necessitates a focus on increasing revenue. For others, there is greater benefit in returning to the organization’s purpose and intention and refocusing operations accordingly. Such a nuanced approach to growth affirms THRUUE’s client-centered approach. In the five months since I joined this company, I’ve had the privilege of seeing this company core value emerge through our clients’ growth projects, and I am thrilled to see it continue along a more well-informed path.

The Study Group is a testament to our company’s commitment to continuous, client-centered learning. We recognize that there is always more to learn and that it will take collective, collaborative effort for our knowledge to become actionable. I expect this group will lead to game-changing insights for our clients now and in the future. It has already given me a simultaneously wider and deeper knowledge of the most respected thinking today. Our effort toward making content digestible and allowing time to reflect (both individually and collectively) has given me opportunities to defend my own positions and have them challenged. Ultimately, this Study Group is giving me a space to grow and making me a better strategic consultant.

If you’re interested in exploring the variables of growth, here are a few of the things we read last month:

Authored by Harrison Weber, Associate 

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