Awaiting 2017 with Deep Gratitude

By Daniel Forrester, CEO

As 2016 ends, a sincere thank you to our clients, partners, and supporters. THRUUE is honored to work with you. Looking forward to the new year, we re-commit to you that we will live out our core values and do all we can to enable your success.

To all of the leaders who follow our work at the intersection of strategy and culture, I offer my 2017 wishes:

  • May you plan carefully and remain ready to adapt when humility requires
  • May you give yourself time to think deeply; for when you do, you will get the big ideas right
  • May you remind your employees and your customers why your organization exists—this purpose (your mission) is the foundation for all culture and connection
  • May you envision where your organization will go, and do all you can to inspire the teams across your organization to help you get there
  • May you lead by serving others

And finally, I offer a wish for our country: In 2017, may this beautiful nation move closer to unity. We have come far and have been blessed greatly since the day we showed the world why we matter.

So, welcome home, 2017! Please come in and have a seat. We have all been waiting for you!


As has become THRUUE’s custom, we decided to donate this holiday season to a charity that moves our souls: Market Street Mission. May this gift help to improve the lives of those in need here in New Jersey.


“For more than one hundred and twenty-seven years, the Market Street Mission has been a haven for the needy. Since the Mission’s foundation in 1889, we have been changing lives and helping people live responsibly and productively. The goal of the Market Street Mission, located in Morristown, New Jersey, is to help men, women, and children in need through our Emergency Assistance program and our Rehabilitation and Recovery program.”

Donations are needed throughout the year, but are especially necessary during this time of year when the weather is so cold. Please consider donating to the Market Street Mission or to a charity close to your heart. Learn more here.

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