A New Year Equals New and Expanded Roles for THRUUE’s Leadership

January 8, 2020

By Daniel Forrester

Our clients and partners continually hear from us that effective leaders execute a critically important function: placing people in roles in which they can thrive and achieve great things.

On the heels of one of our most successful years as a company, and with growth prospects continuing to look bright in 2020 and beyond, we are excited to announce that THRUUE is taking a healthy dose of our own advice!

Jame Cofran, current president of THRUUE, will be the next chief executive officer and will assume leadership of strategy and all day-to-day operations. Jame’s two years of service as president, together with over three decades of experience helping organizations expand and evolve their cultures, make him a perfect fit to lead THRUUE into the future.

“THRUUE is a pioneer and market leader in helping organizations build cultures that actively support their strategies and drive growth. Now, more than ever, leaders across industries and generations are recognizing just how critical this connection is. I am excited to continue working with Daniel and our outstanding team as THRUUE continues developing and delivering innovative services that help our clients to grow and their people to thrive.”- Jame Cofran

Our founder and current CEO, Daniel Forrester, will become the executive chairman of THRUUE’s board of directors. Daniel will also serve concurrently as THRUUE’s first-ever chief growth officer, to work closely with Jame and the rest of the leadership team to foster stronger relationships with our existing clients and new clients across the health care, aging, and enterprise markets. As chief growth officer, Daniel will also chair THRUUE’s newly formed Strategic Growth Board of Advisors, a group of renowned outside experts in culture, strategy, and customer experience design assembled to collect diverse perspectives. Their cutting-edge advice will help supercharge our services to our clients in the coming years.

“THRUUE’s strategy from day one has always included thoughtful succession planning in our leadership ranks. Over the past two years, Jame has helped me, as THRUUE’s founder, to operationalize and scale our company so that we attract and retain the talent that our clients value and demand. Jame is a proven and trusted executive across the consulting industry and THRUUE will continue to thrive during our next chapter of growth and client impact.”- Daniel Forrester

Peggy Alfonso will expand her previous role to become vice president of culture change, in which she will leverage her unique organizational development and change-management skills to bring culture change capabilities to our clients. She will also manage our People function and serve as a change catalyst for our own internal culture at THRUUE.

Katie Camargo will become vice president of client experience, serving as THRUUE’s first chief customer officer. She is responsible for positive client outcomes and working with our project leaders to ensure a consistently extraordinary customer experience in all of our engagements. Katie and Peggy will partner to make our consulting teams’ retention and professional growth the best in our industry.

Jen Krentel will take on a new role as senior principal of business development and marketing, in which she will work closely with Jame and Daniel on driving growth for THRUUE. Jen will manage THRUUE’s brand, communicate THRUUE’s value across all markets and build relationships with new clients.

Thank you to all our clients for your partnership and trust as we race toward our eight-year anniversary. With these leadership changes, a strategy to drive growth, and a commitment to helping our clients solve their toughest organizational culture challenges, we’re excited about what’s in store for 2020 and beyond!