BreakTHRUUE Collaborations

We connect big ideas with
high-performing teams capable of
carrying out their organization’s vision.


Our clients have no shortage of ideas that must get done, and they need a high-performing culture to implement their best ideas.


intensive preparation

Our approach to our Workshops and Retreats relies on intensive preparation that includes significant research, data collection, and analysis, leading to raw, unbiased thinking that allows your organization to get your big ideas done.

We also know how to make them engaging and fun.

expert facilitation

During our Workshops and Retreats, our expert facilitators guide conversations that need to happen, leading participants in reflective thinking and generating outcomes tied directly to goals and objectives.

We work closely with senior executives to determine the scope and pace of change and to set supportive conditions that foster new strategy success.

what to expect

in a breakthruUe collaboration:

Clearly met purpose and objectives

Our workshops are designed to fit your needs. We define each workshop with a laser focus on your purpose and objectives. Every minute of the meeting is specifically planned to ensure a productive dialogue that generates the results you seek.

Data-rich insights relevant to your problem

We gather and analyze all pertinent data so your strategic decisions rest on reliable and unbiased information.

An engaged team

Our expert consultants have experience running sessions of all sizes, from five-person focus groups to 25-person bunker sessions. We use time-tested techniques, multiple media formats, and leading edge technologies to keep all participants engaged.

The right people in the room to make decisions

Collaboration is essential to successful outcomes. We engage stakeholders across the organization to ensure we understand their views and can achieve buy-in. We work with you to make sure everyone in the room has a chance to contribute their best thinking.

A thoughtful environment

Identifying the right location is critical as space can either enable or restrict collaborative thinking. We design each workshop for your needs, working with you to identify and set up the right space to ensure an atmosphere that supports reflective, generative dialogue.

A great experience for your team

We know that preparation is key to a productive dialogue, so we do a full dry run before any workshop. We’ll get the small details of the experience right so you can get your big ideas right.

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