Case Studies

building strong employee cultures for wealth management firms

Sutherland Partnership and THRUUE have an ongoing engagement with a major wealth management firm to support the organization’s efforts to build a strong employee culture. Utilizing quantitative and qualitative analytics, we help the business connect its stated principles with the actions and behaviors of its employees and work directly with the firm’s management team and other senior executives to enhance their leadership capabilities.

meals on wheels association of america

THRUUE gave us focus and helped us to prioritize the immeasurable and innumerable things we could be doing, [illuminating] what mattered most and how to properly sequence [our priorities] so that we would be able to—sometime in our lifetime—achieve our ultimate vision for the organization.
Ellie Hollander,
President and Ceo, Meals on Wheels Association of America

rebuilding together

Our partnership with THRUUE has been an essential element of our effort to re-engineer our organization’s business model. Their ability to seamlessly weave culture and strategy together helped us immensely. With their valuable and easy-to-understand assessment of the many layers of our nonprofit organization, we’ve been able to develop a business model that suits our organization’s current and desired culture.
Charlie Shimanski,
President and Ceo, Rebuilding Together


How do you help the leadership and board of a historic American college reimagine the language and ideas of their mission? Under the leadership of a new President, nationally recognized Washington College wanted a collaborative process where “safe space” was given to re-examine the words and ideas behind the school and why it exists.

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