Core Values

  • We instill time for thought and contemplation in our daily lives to gain insight from our past experiences.
  • We create and structure data-rich and highly productive dialogues that help our clients generate deep understanding and profound realizations.
  • We put clients’ interests above our own.
  • We build long-lasting relationships by focusing on the quality (not the quantity) of these relationships.
  • We meet clients where they are, embracing their context and using it to improve our service.
  • We generate new and unique ideas, and do so without initial judgment.
  • We ask “what’s missing?” and create connections between previously unrelated notions.
  • We nourish great ideas by fostering new language that supports their growth.
  • We present unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner.
  • We respect confidences and earn the right to hold our clients’ secrets.
  • We demonstrate courage to do the right thing in difficult situations.

Daniel Forrester and his team epitomize what is meant by the phrase trusted partners. Their work in helping us examine and navigate the intersection of culture and strategy was instrumental. In addition, their ability to balance compassion with tough love messages was extraordinarily helpful as we engaged in sometimes difficult and always passionate conversations about our new strategic framework.

Wylecia Wiggs Harris
CEO, League of Women Voters of the United States

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