Katie Camargo promoted to Vice President and Lead for THRUUE’s Healthcare and Aging Practice

January 10, 2019

By Daniel Forrester

Congratulations and cheers to you, Katie. Where you lead, we will follow.
Katherine “Katie” Camargo joined THRUUE in 2014 as Director of Client Services. She brought seven years of experience in program management, strategic planning, and systems thinking and design—much of it focused on healthcare.

Since then, Katie has had a significant impact on THRUUE and on our clients. She has personally advised dozens of CEOs and senior executives, facilitated hundreds of hours of board meetings, and supported our clients through transformative strategic planning and culture change processes.

She has grown and mentored many THRUUE staff and led the development of THRUUE’s widely adopted strategic planning methodology.

Most recently, Katie assumed responsibility for organizing, leading, and continuing to grow THRUUE’s Healthcare and Aging Practice. She owns the strategy, Points of View, and vision for helping clients from providers to doctor-driven professional societies and colleges confront change and imagine new ways to drive relevancy, while shifting their cultures so they attract and retain the best people.

Katie is known by the THRUUE crew and clients alike as a highly compassionate, intelligent, and positive person with an innate ability to help people push the limits of what they knew to be possible.

Daniel Forrester, founder and CEO of THRUUE, said, “Katie Camargo is a force of nature. Her relentless focus on client success has helped establish THRUUE’s brand. She is a fearless leader who brings people along and models our values each and every day. Her promotion is deserved and a testament to her talent, passion, and incredible energy. Congratulations, Katie.”

We asked several of Katie’s clients to chime in. Here’s what they said of her impact and well-deserved promotion:

“Katie led her team, and mine, as we explored, defined, and prioritized our organization’s work, value, and impact. She always identified new and important opportunities and has had a profound and lasting impact on all aspects of our current and future states. I could not be happier with her work and that includes her enthusiasm, insights, warmth, and support!”


“I’ve had the privilege of watching Katie’s growth from an eager and promising new associate into a dynamic leader and trusted advisor to senior executives and corporate boards. She has an amazing ability to shape a complex strategic development effort and drive the key stakeholders to the finish line without breaking a sweat. Congratulations on the well-deserved promotion!”


“Katie possesses a rare ability to take the pulse of a leader, a group, or an entire organization. Katie’s quick perception, together with her own deep knowledge and insights, make her a vital advisor. She draws out creative ideas and encourages a clear-eyed view of difficult questions – all the while keeping momentum to achieve project goals. Working with Katie is always a pleasure and a learning experience.”


“Katie, congratulations on your promotion. Your commitment to excellence, honesty, and candor, as well as your personal warmth and approachability places you head and shoulders beyond other consultants with whom I have worked. You possess an innate ability to size up a situation and offer a value-added solution for consideration. I greatly appreciate your willingness to both deliver and receive tough messages with the single goal of helping the client achieve success. It is both a pleasure and an honor to work with you.”


“Katie recently led our Team through a process to clarify our organization’s core values. Her calm demeanor immediately put all individuals involved at ease – which was critical to the successful conclusion of our collaboration. Katie’s authenticity – and sincere desire to help increase the impact of our organization – resulted in her being viewed as a true teammate. What better outcome could a consultant desire? Our only question is what took so long for her to be promoted!”

Finally, Jame Cofran, President of THRUUE, shared:

“I admire Katie. She walks her talk. She epitomizes THRUUE’s values. She is the first one to appreciate someone’s hard work and contributions and the first one to lean into a difficult conversation when necessary. I can’t think of anyone I would rather work alongside.”

Congratulations and cheers to you, Katie. Where you lead, we will follow.