With the global landscape of health at its current position, healthcare organizations play a more critical role than ever.  These organization impact everyday people daily, and THRUUE works with them to prove that those people are in good hands.

Our Work

THRUUE’s Health market serves healthcare organizations facing disruption by new entrants, regulation, and customer expectations, with leaders ready to grow and build a thriving culture. We work alongside healthcare organizations to remediate their internal challenges of transformation, digital transformation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the post-pandemic reimagining of the employer and employee relationship.

Our Process

We help organizations and C-Suite change agents with strategic change planning and activation, offering effective implementation of new strategic direction with a focus on the key metric of revenue from new sources. As customer experience of the brand and digital presence is critical in the healthcare marketplace, your brand and customer relationships need to be differentiated from competitors. THRUUE focuses on key metrics of customer satisfaction, NPS, and lifetime customer value. Your workforce is one of the main gateways into cultural perception of your organization’s brand, and THRUUE bolsters your employee wellbeing and team performance with a focus on trust, alignment, and outcome with key metrics of retention, eNPS, and employee satisfaction.

Our Goal

With the sensitivity that the healthcare and medical fields require, THRUUE knows that patient lives themselves are what is at stake. Keeping a strong team together to ensure that those in need are being taken care of by your organization is critical to establishing trust within the health landscape. In order to be successful and reduce workforce burnout/turnover, THRUUE provides healthcare organizations with the tools to improve the lives of frontline healthcare workers and ultimately, the lives of patients themselves.

Featured Projects

A surgical department within large teaching hospital

Facing ongoing disruptions in healthcare and higher education, the department was experiencing new pressures and demands with the potential to impact their status as a global leader, competitive employer, and source of cutting-edge research and innovation. Leaders recognized departmental culture change as a keystone to meaningfully address these challenges and achieve the department’s goals.

Large Healthcare Organization

A large healthcare organization desired to increase their rate of revenue growth and diversify their traditional revenue sources. THRUUE developed a growth plan, bringing focus and discipline to prioritize and progress required activities such as transforming leadership, improving governance, and refining committee structures.

“As we emerge from COVID, our department is now at a place of significant change. THRUUE brought work, insight, and expertise that helped us think critically about who we are, who we want to be, and how we convert our desired culture into our actual practice. THRUUE’s expertise in organizational culture and healthcare helped us think critically about not only ourselves as a department, but our role in the larger institution and the healthcare ecosystem. They gave us the data and framework to not only identify who we want to be, but also to celebrate who we are and what great, mission-driven people we have. The rigor and inclusivity of THRUUE’s approach helped us demonstrate to faculty and residents that we take the need for change seriously and are committed to taking action.”

- Department Director

“Working with the THRUUE team gave our Board members the time, space and process to think in ways that opened the future for us.  We were able to dream in big and daring ways that will make a significant positive difference for all the people we serve.”

Board Chair | LeadingAge, CEO | Ecumen

-Kathryn Roberts

How We Help

Culture and Strategic Planning

Setting purpose-driven, transformational paths forward with clear goals, strategies, and ways to track progress—and successfully executing the strategy for sustained performance.

Culture and Strategy Activation

Aligning culture to strategy—measuring, planning, then shifting toward the culture that is required for people and the organization to thrive and grow.

Leadership and Performance Alignment

Developing leaders and boards to their potential, and aligning them with the imperatives of the strategy, the organization, and their people—toward sustained transformation.

Culture Measurement

Helping leaders fully leverage culture data to drive business performance, moving beyond traditional employee engagement surveys to comprehensive culture and employee experience assessments.

Meet Our Clients

Heart- Rhythm Society
American College Cardiology
American Academy of Dermatology
Conquer Cancer Foundation
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Leading Age
Johns Hopkins Medicine

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