Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

When two worlds collide, there can  be fallout and fragmentation. When two organizations merge or one acquires another, this fallout can manifest in organizational cultures either misaligning or one being discarded altogether. THRUUE works with organizations in the process of M&A to transition easily, thoughtfully retain cultural elements of value,  and establish harmony among all parties involved.

Our Work

With a focus on revenue growth and performance acceleration, organizations’ cultures can often be seen as tertiary. This viewpoint fails to see that culture is one of the largest facets that can disrupt a successful merger or acquisition. Because stakeholders in a transaction have different incentives, tension may arise as some stakeholders are driven to push for deal finalization and others are held accountable for long term success. THRUUE increases the likelihood of achieving projected outcomes by anticipating and/or alleviating the culture clash that frequently occurs in post M&A integration.

Our Process

With the speed at which M&A can occur, there is often a short window of opportunity to set the stage for success. We measure success through employee retention throughout the merger or acquisition. In many M&As, executives and team members may walk away or fall behind on performance if the resulting combined workforce is culturally misaligned. By measuring performance and culture throughout the merger or acquisition process, THRUUE yields insights that help the parties to make informed choices for what is best versus what is easiest.


Our Goal

We work to inspire leaders to realize the long-term value of culture in a merger or acquisition: CEOs, CGOs, PE Operating Partners, heads of Corp Development, and other business leaders are all responsible for acquisition outcomes and metrics. Culture can managed as a value multiplier during a merger or acquisition. Regardless of pre-M&A health and leadership congruence, culture examination and intentional, creative culture support builds harmony between merging  organizations.

Featured Project

OneMain Financial

OneMain’s leaders recognized they needed to define the new company’s mission and vision to unite two cultures. They also recognized that they would need to transform the behaviors across their complex branch-based network to achieve their strategy. The THRUUE team created excitement and energy around moving OneMain Financial’s culture from good to great.

How We Help

Culture and Strategic Planning

Setting purpose-driven, transformational paths forward with clear goals, strategies, and ways to track progress—and successfully executing the strategy for sustained performance.

Culture and Strategy Activation

Aligning culture to strategy—measuring, planning, then shifting toward the culture that is required for people and the organization to thrive and grow.

Leadership and Performance Alignment

Developing leaders and boards to their potential, and aligning them with the imperatives of the strategy, the organization, and their people—toward sustained transformation.

Culture Measurement

Helping leaders fully leverage culture data to drive business performance, moving beyond traditional employee engagement surveys to comprehensive culture and employee experience assessments.

“The THRUUE team created excitement and energy around moving our culture from good to great! We started with measuring our post-merger culture and have moved into the development of a new mission vision and set of core values that will help take us to new heights on our journey as one.”

Angela Celestin
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer |  OneMain Financial

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One Main Financial

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