GLObal non-profit

The Challenge

Implementing various efforts to improve and heal its culture, the client needed a way to measure the impact of these efforts.  In the wake of leadership resignations tied to a public scandal, THRUUE was engaged to help the CEO and CHRO turn around a culture of low trust, low accountability, low transparency, and lack of collaboration.  


THRUUE supported the interim CEO to assess the current culture and define new behavioral norms and a transformation roadmap to adjust critical systems and processes.  THRUUE helped launch a semi-annual, short culture survey of employees in partnership with HR.  The assessment tracked CPIs and provided employees a critically needed space to be heard, knowing leaders would use their input it to adapt and shape improvement efforts.  After each survey cycle, THRUUE empowered managers with data about their teams’ results to inform collaborative action plans.  


With over 3 survey cycles and 18 months, the client was thrilled with the results:

  • 47% YOY decrease in attrition (from 21% to 11%, industry standard of 19%)​, saving millions in replacement costs
  • Growing response rates signaled trust that survey responses drove action and made a positive impact.
  • 94% increase in timely communications from leadership​
  • 73% increase in feeling treated with respect & dignity
  • 67% increase in cross-department collaboration ​
  • 37% increase in employee willingness to recommend the organization as a good place to work​
  • 22% increase in overall job satisfaction