Healthcare Technology Joint Venture

The Challenge

This Healthcare Technology JV had a great product idea and huge potential market, however they needed strategic focus to deliver on product development and sales goals. THRUUE was contacted to transform an inefficient product-development function to one that understood customer needs with clear value articulated.


THRUUE assessed the Joint Venture’s ongoing state of organization and operations, and aligned their executive team around a strategic plan to achieve goals. We focused on aligning the executives on clear articulation of problems that their company’s products aimed to solve and set a future-state vision for the product’s position in their market, collaborating with them on the culture required to make it all happen. This required the grounding of core strengths, shaping focused definitions of the product, customers, and the product’s differentiator. Once established, THRUUE developed a strategic and operational plan to transform the company’s direction and help them deliver on their new product vision.


The Joint Venture was able to gain leadership alignment on company vision/mission, growth strategy, and product roadmap. THRUUE helped validate the vision and product value proposition, which led to the development of a robust pipeline, acquiring multi-year revenue-generating customers. Through pivoting from an engineer-led model to a market/customer-oriented company, the JV was able to deliver key customer value through their new business model. With this alignment in place, their 2021 revenues are projected to be 3.5x their 2020 revenues, and the product is in its second phase of development to launch to hundreds of thousands of users in 2021.