Large Healthcare Organization

The Challenge

A large healthcare organization desired to increase their rate of revenue growth and diversify their traditional revenue sources. The leadership and board recognized the need for alignment and a plan to shift organization and culture to enable future growth.


From 2013 to 2020, THRUUE developed an inspirational vision, updated core values, and built a strategic plan focused on growth from new sources. We worked directly with the board of healthcare physicians, researchers, and other academic leaders to develop an enterprise-wide vision encompassing all 3 of the healthcare organizations’s legal entities. Conducting organizational assessments, THRUUE facilitated the declaration of new core values, brought discipline, preparation, and project management to lay the foundation for the healthcare organization to make data-driven decisions and succeed.

Through a series of consistent one and two hour meetings and to leverage expertise of key stakeholder groups through facilitation that elicited meaningful input and powerful insights, we were able to guide the board in the creation of a strategic plan which included the advancement of their project from concept to reality. This process involved assessing various potential business models, developing a case for change, and facilitating the alignment of the board of directors. THRUUE developed a growth plan and finalized the business case for their project and supported it’s initial implementation, bringing focus and discipline to prioritize and progress required activities such as transforming leadership, governance, and committee structures.


From 2013 to 2019 the healthcare organization’s revenues increased from $93M to $163M, 75% growth. During the same period, member dues’ portion of overall revenues dropped from 12% to 4%. As of March 2020, the project had collected real world data (RWD) from over 100 oncology organizations on 6+ million patients from 9 different EHR systems. The project network has become a national coalition of organizations across the cancer care continuum.