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Whether shifting from start-up to maturity, integrating teams during M&A, adopting a digital CX approach, or managing a turnaround or business renewal, culture is a critical but under-used and under-managed growth driver. In every stage of growth or disruption, strategic change requires culture change. THRUUE helps leaders plan and activate focused strategic choices and new ways of working and leading to achieve business outcomes.

What We Provide

Culture and Strategic Planning

Aligning organizational culture to engage stakeholders and promote growth.

Culture and Strategy Activation

Helping leaders activate cultures and strategies that drive business outcomes.

Leadership and Performance Alignment

Giving leaders the tools to advance communication and workplace behavior.

Culture Measurement

Helping leaders fully leverage culture data to drive business performance.

Culture and Strategy Defined

What is culture? What is strategy? How do the two intersect?

Clients often ask us these questions as we engage in conversation to solve the problems they face.  In just three minutes, you will discover the main ideas that underpin both strategy, culture, and how the two can work to support or undermine one another.

Culture and Strategic Planning

In times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to create a strategy that is adaptive, responsive, and agile. Most strategies surrounding culture are formulaic, building on past generations of organizational culture rhetoric—they haven’t kept up with the rapidly changing cultural landscape of the 21st century. THRUUE works with your organization to be ahead of the culture curve by first understanding, through engaging with relevant stakeholders, the organization’s current story.

We help leaders understand their current state through an in-depth assessment of hard truths within your organization’s culture. Only when these hard truths are confronted can they be overcome, allowing leaders to create a plan that will leverage all of your established strength. THRUUE creates a space for leaders to envision an aspirational future state—a compelling, inspiring, and attainable vision to strive toward. In the process, we help leaders articulate what is at stake so they can communicate urgency to the necessary stakeholders.

Featured Project

Healthcare Technology Joint Venture

This Healthcare Technology JV had a great product idea and huge potential market; however, they needed strategic focus. THRUUE was contacted to transform an inefficient product-development function to one that understood customer needs with clear value articulated.

Culture and Strategy Activation

Most organizations overestimate their readiness to activate, underestimating the need to shift organizational culture. Plans that reflect this misestimation do not drive transformation, leading to productivity and retention drop, burnout increases, and overall stunted growth. THRUUE helps leaders activate cultures and strategies that drive business performance, moving beyond traditional strategy execution and change management approaches by using data to connect culture and performance, to align leadership, and to drive targeted, systemic action across the growth levers that matter most.

Culture directs business outcomes in overt and subtle ways simultaneously, and it begins and ends with continuous leadership alignment on strategic priorities and the organization’s evolving readiness to achieve them. THRUUE works with your organization to assess the readiness for change, establishing and sustaining leadership alignment on activation priorities and developing an efficient cadence for initiative planning and execution.

Featured Project

Washington College

Under the leadership of a new President, nationally recognized Washington College wanted a collaborative process where “safe space” was given to re-examine the words and ideas behind the school and why it exists. THRUUE helped outline the new President’s vision for the school while engaging colleagues and students in discovering a new and inspirational vision statement.

“With THRUUE’s support, we reinvented and expanded our service delivery model, increasing our impact across the country and widening the approach to our work. We are now able to serve more people, increase our presence in communities and engage more volunteers around Rebuilding Together’s great mission.”

Caroline Blakely
President and CEO | Rebuilding Together

Leadership and Performance Alignment

In the midst of crisis, transformation, or new direction, accelerating performance is critical. Leaders are the ones who set the pace of their organization’s change. Each new phase of growth or disruption requires leaders to go first and model the way, requiring new mindsets, behaviors, and skill sets from individual leaders and leadership teams. Lack of sustained leadership team alignment and performance will always show up to drag culture, limit growth, and slow change. This is true even in organizations with a strong strategy, plentiful resources, and talented individuals. THRUUE aligns and accelerates leadership teams’ capability to drive and sustain performance through change and transformation.

We work with your organization to onboard new leaders if necessary, cultivate new and emerging leaders, and prepare and up-level existing leadership teams for growth. Leaders have an outsized influence on defining organizational growth, and once leadership teams are culturally aligned, THRUUE assists your organization in nurturing and sustaining that alignment, rather than assuming it will take hold.

Culture Measurement

Often morale is only measured through check-the-box annual surveys that set high expectations for action, and then immediately go quiet. Culture data is valuable only when it helps leaders make decisions that translate into real business outcomes. In a climate where retention is rising, burnout is increasing, and top talent is uninspired, leaders are leaving the most under-utilized growth lever on the table.

THRUUE helps leaders fully leverage culture data to drive business performance, moving beyond traditional employee engagement surveys to comprehensive culture and employee experience assessments that address the implicit and invisible parts of culture such as values, beliefs, and expectations. We connect culture data to the KPIs and strategic imperatives that organizations most want to achieve, designing and implementing a regular cadence for measurement, analysis, reporting, and targeted action planning that is specific to each organization’s needs.