THRUUE’s work with our organization was inspiring. They helped us think deeply and courageously. Their approach is  provocative and demanding, leading us to think differently about ourselves and the contribution we can make. Our way is paved for an exciting future.

Katie Sloan
CEO of LeadingAge

Working with the THRUUE team gave our Board members the time, space and process to think in ways that opened the future for us.  We were able to dream in big and daring ways that will make a significant positive difference for all the people we serve.

Kathryn Roberts
Board Chair, LeadingAge and CEO, Ecumen

THRUUE gave us focus and helped us to prioritize the immeasurable and innumerable things we could be doing, [illuminating] what mattered most and how to properly sequence [our priorities] so that we would be able to—sometime in our lifetime—achieve our ultimate vision for the organization.

Ellie Hollander
President and CEO, Meals on Wheels Association of America

Our partnership with THRUUE has been an essential element of our effort to re-engineer our organization’s business model. Their ability to seamlessly weave culture and strategy together helped us immensely. With their valuable and easy-to-understand assessment of the many layers of our nonprofit organization, we’ve been able to develop a business model that suits our organization’s current and desired culture.

Charley Shimanski
Former President & CEO, Rebuilding Together

Daniel Forrester and his team epitomize what is meant by the phrase trusted partners. Their work in helping us examine and navigate the intersection of culture and strategy was instrumental. In addition, their ability to balance compassion with tough love messages was extraordinarily helpful as we engaged in sometimes difficult and always  passionate conversations about our new strategic framework.

Wylecia Wiggs Harris
CEO, League of Women Voters of the United States

Clients that come to us do not ask for the simple. They ask for the bold, the big, and the new.

Daniel Forrester
CEO and Founder of THRUUE

More than any other consultant I know, Daniel Forrester has a unique ability to help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing your organization, present a range of options, and envision a new way forward for success. He helps you dream with your eyes open.

Mitchell B. Reiss
President, Washington College

Daniel Forrester has a gift. I have worked with him while establishing the top priorities at the Library of Congress and more recently, he helped me create the Strategic Plan for the National Cathedral. He is able to quickly tame a crowd and get them aligned and moving in the same direction. There is no one better at getting a room full of executives pointed in the same direction and then engaging them in constructive conversation to a productive end.

Rob Sokol
Director of Strategic Programs, Washington National Cathedral

Daniel Forrester is a change agent in the highest and most profound sense of the word in that he imagines and envisions what is best for the client and delivers with clarity, passion, and intelligence. He is in this business to make a difference to the lives of others, and thus a true servant leader. He creates organizational transformation by smartly combining strategy and culture—a rarity in the business world.

Joan Shafer
Director, Playing to Your Strengths

The students, faculty, and staff members use a shared language of the mission statement, which was revised and revitalized soon after President Reiss’s arrival. It is striking how central and guiding these terms were in all our of conversations. It is a way to differentiate Washington College from its peers. Most mission statements generally make declarations about the individual student’s growth and stop there. Washington College takes a different turn by adding larger social expectations and values, such as civility and moral courage. This is now a touchstone for the college’s identity and self-confidence. Further and admirably, the college rediscovered the significance of its namesake, thereby linking itself by history and image to a powerful global brand. The renewed determination and excitement that originate with these brief sentences and phrases about the college’s purpose carry through consistently with the responses heard from board members and the campus community.

Washington College

My company, THRUUE, hires bright people who embrace the idea of openness and feedback. Openness is our oxygen. In each interview I conduct, I listen closely to the person with whom I interact so that I can provide real-time feedback of what he or she did well and what just didn’t connect. The same holds true for my interactions with my team. I don’t care much about how well they react to any one thing I point out; what matters to me is whether they can accept another’s reality instead of their own—what psychologists call “cognitive dissonance.”

Daniel Forrester
CEO and Founder of THRUUE

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